Friday, January 29, 2010

things that go bump in the night

a couple of nights ago, amelia had made her usual exodus into our bed, after sleepwalking into the corner of her room and scrabbling with both hands at the wall looking for her 'guddle guddle'. a chocolate fish to the first person who can tell us what a 'guddle guddle' is . . . we have no bloody idea ourselves, and were almost as distressed as she was that she could not find it in the plasterboard.

anyway, i digress.

she was in our bed, between us (we are going to buy an H shaped bed next time, so that andrew and i can sleep the right way around, and amelia can sleep across it with her feet on her dad and her head on me, revolving regularly 180 degrees during the night), lying with her knees bent up, one foot crossed over a knee, and had her hands in the 'i am on my computer position.' she said: 'mummy, what the yucky bees doing? (yucky bees are the not so nice insect characters in the movie 'a bug's life', the other characters are, logically, 'the NICE bees') as her fingers 'typed' on the keyboard. i (having learned with my usual speed that one Must Go Along With Child Fantasies) said: 'i don't know. what ARE they doing?' Amelia: 'they flying. with WINGS on.' . . . 'ooops. he fallen over.' Me: 'who fell?' Amelia: 'the nice bee'. Me: 'is he ok?' Amelia: 'mmm hmmm, he's ok.'

she continued with the voiceovers, and i drifted back to sleep as inconspicuously as possible (a technique also learned quickly - if she sees you going back to sleep, you are likely to have your chin grabbed and be shaken awake to 'see' the next thing on her horizon) . . . andrew, having managed to elude the interrogation thus far, then let out a teensy weensy snore, which put her on red alert. next thing, she was rolled over facing him, with her beaming face gleaming in the sliver of moonlight coming thru our blinds, nose only millimeters from his, and asking: 'what's YOUR name?' (as a side note, this is the latest game, and it consists of her asking one at least a million times in quick succession, 'what's your name?' - altho, i could be exaggerating, might only be half a million). he responded: 'i'll tell you in the morning' - and it was all on. i sent back to sleep giggling, listening to him desperately trying not to wake her up any further while not ignoring her entirely - a veritable tightrope for the unknowing parent.

he said the following day that he had woken a number of times after that to find amelia's face only millimeters from his, wearing a mad grin, obviously happy that he had opened his eyes at last. he found it a tad unnerving, as you can imagine!

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  1. Hahaha! I've missed so much! Will have to visit soon to see the crazy girl Amelia has become. :)