Monday, July 5, 2010

i'm vewwy disappointed at my mummy

that is the latest phrase in amelia's increasingly complicated repertoire. apparently, she is feeling 'vewwy disappointed' on a regular basis. we haven't managed to extract from her just WHY she is feeling that way tho - i am sure it will come in time. she just sighs, rolls her eyes and repeats that phrase.

she is into 'helping' in a big way at the moment. so, when i was sewing yesterday, as in with a machine, she 'helped' by putting her foot over mine on the pedal and stamping for all she was worth as i struggled to keep my own foot up. i switched the machine to slow, which helped a little. prior to that she had been pinning with me - a dangerous exploit. i made the mistake of showing her how sharp the pins were, by slightly pricking the back of her hand; which had the effect of inspiring her to prick ME, far less gently, and far more repetitively, in the back of MY hand. Ouch.

She is talking up a storm. People we visit, or hang out with for some reason, often look at us quizzically and ask 'does she ever stop?'. Well, we ALL know the answer to THAT don't we? She natters, chatters, opines, reasons, negotiates, argues (oh boy), negates, debates, relates, delegates, orders, asks, requests, demands, inquires, denies, agitates, protests, rebels, implores; all this, and she KEEPS going in her SLEEP. In fact, her sleep time is scattered with loud bursts of chatter (not unlike the sound of a gatling gun), and equally loud bursts of laughter - and seasoned with serious statements about people and things she has encountered during the day. It is perhaps ironic that I have been teaching in a course entitled "The Art of Communication" at the Uni - when I live with a veritable artiste of the same subject.

She is most firmly Daddy's girl at present. I have my uses (mainly cuddles when she is hurting over some real or perceived hurt, or for food requirements), but Daddy is 'da man.' She often hops into our bed during the night once she has kicked off her covers and got too cold to stay in her own bed. She snuggles between us and inserts icelike feet under or between the nearest and warmest arms, legs or belly, and murmurs that she loves us, misses us and she is cold. I wake before the other two in the morning and get up to make coffee . . . if I attempt to come back into bed, I am often told to "go away mummy, I am wif Daddy. This is MY side (patting MY SPECIAL pillow !!!) now.' Of course, I just shove her over anyway, laughing it off, but she is pretty serious. He is hers, and no-one else's!!!!

(she is currently sitting on a little pink stool, freshly woken up, eating peanut butter on french bread, while regularly leaning to one side, going red in the face, saying 'watch', while endeavouring to pass wind - and giggling hugely when she achieves her aim . . . does anyone in her extended family recognise THAT trait?)

In the attached movie, you will see Amelia colonising Thomas - in much the same manner she colonises her Dad, my shoe collection, and any rice crackers that are not tied down . . . ENJOY!