Monday, August 16, 2010

conversations with 'the little girl'

conversations with the kid are getting funnier by the day. she has a quirky turn of phrase, and a devastating turn of logic, so you need your smarts on when talking to her. some examples follow!

1. (sitting on the deck having lunch yesterday, looking at the house next door which belongs to bob and sue, our lovely neighbours):

A: 'daddy's gone to work. he's gone to HIS work. sue's gone to work too, but not daddy's; she's gone to LADIES work. i will wave to her like this (raises hand and demonstrates) and say "hi sue". and then i will have to kill her.'
Me: 'you will have to kill her? but why is that?'
A:"because otherwise she will turn into a great big ant" (and no, she has not been watching any movie where a lady turns into an ant.

2. (in bed this afternoon, going to sleep)

A: "don't take my arms off."
Me: 'why not?'
A: 'because then i won't be able to walk to the puppy park.'

3. (when leaving a playground, which A was reluctant to leave. Andrew picked her up because she refused to come)

Amelia: 'put the little girl down. put the little girl down. LEAVE THE LITTLE GIRL ALONE"

4. (on saturday morning, said to her father)

'its not a work day today daddy, its a day day.'

5. (same day while we were driving into the city and passed an intersection where we normally turn off to daycare)

A: 'i'm not going to daycare today.'
ME: 'why not?'
A: 'because its wednesday'

you get the idea . . .

we are also being treated to convoluted treatises on different topics, or narratives in which the protagonists have been replaced by Amelia herself.

e.g. while driving to daycare a few days ago we came across a young man who had been knocked off his bike lying on the ground waiting for an ambulance. amelia demanded an explanation ('what's happening, whos that man, why is he on the ground etc). over the next few days, the story got retold thus:

A: 'when i was a little girl, and i got knocked off my bike, i had blood on my face, and i went to hostipal in an amblience cos i had and axediddent wif a car.'

she is also reversing parental/child roles thus:

A: 'one day when i was a mummy, and daddy was a little girl, i told him off because he was very naughty.'

A:'one day i used to be the mummy, and you were the little girl, and i had to smack your bottom because you were jumping on the couch . . .'

or . . .

A: 'one day i will be that big daddy and i will drive the car and go to my office and you will be my little boy and i will buy you a babyccino and a cheese sandwhich.'

then there are the future plans:

A: 'i am only a little girl. but when i am three, daddy will teach me to drive.'

and on it goes.

the diet is marvelous still, although we now need to 'challenge' with foods that have been eliminated so far. we will probably start on the weekend, and with something like melted cheese on toast . . . not too draconian yet. that will take weeeeeeks to get through the entire list, because we are systematically making our way through food groups, then food types, then specific foods. will keep you posted. in fact, i have to keep a diary, so may make this the diary spot . . . that way we can figure out what she can and can't handle. i have just been reading a book called Not All in the Mind, about years old (as in over 100 years old) research on diet and allergy. very thought provoking indeed. the dietitian is a wealth of knowledge and has rubbed shoulders with most learned people in this field. i am loving the sheer knowledge gaining aspect of it almost as much as the results we are getting!