Friday, February 26, 2010

a conversation while driving

on the way home from dinner at a thai restaurant called, quaintly, 'thai wi rat' . . . this was the conversation between amelia and her dad.

she was patting thomas and mused out loud: "he is very fuffy (sic). . . i'm not very fuffy . . . i'm not a dog, cos i'm not fuffy!" Andrew: you're not a cat because . . .?" Amelia: "i'm not FUFFY' . . . . Me: you're not daddy cos . . . .?" Amelia: "i haven't got garses (glasses)" (we went thru the entire family - she wasn't any of us because we all of us have, apparently, GARSES."

we wandered upstairs, and readied her for bed - bath, fresh handtowel wrapped around her body like a miniature adult, then it was time to do her teeth. i asked - "who would you like to do your teeth tonight? mummy or daddy?" no response. i asked again, twice, sounding a little exasperated by the last time.

her response: "katie . . ."

katie was OUT.
we mentioned this.

amelia's response was to say: "look, here is katie" and to bend over slightly, leering at an imaginary katie as she grasped her hand and led her to the bathroom, other hand keeping her tiny towel in a dignified position.

what is one to do????