Friday, May 7, 2010

mother's day 2010

well, almost!

what a year this is turning out to be. the midget is changing on a daily basis- as kids do, and we often find ourselves trying to embed her funny little sayings and doings deep into our memory banks, because they are so priceless, and often go unrepeated.

on a daily basis, we are getting HUGE hugs and soft sighs, accompanied by the words; 'i love you SO much.' sometimes these are followed by 'i miss my daddy and my katie and my chelsea'. then we have the conversation about work and other countries etc . . . and i get EVEN more hugs as a result. i once asked amelia if she missed me, and she said indignantly - 'NO!' i asked why not, and her reply was that 'you're still here with me!!!'

dragons are still de rigeur. andrew has been well slapped for laughing and encouraging her when amelia pretends to saddle my legs, announcing that 'mummy is my dwagon, and i am haircup. we going to fly fly FLY.' he tends to fall over sideways when she says this, leaving his flanks vulnerable to punishment of the matrimonial kind . . . she also declares that thomas is her dwagon, but knows not to actually sit on him, so she simply stands over him and drops into a crouch instead. he remains oblivious - his blindness and deafness is a definite advantage given some of her current schemes. one of these, now we are talking about them, was a new COLOUR scheme. thomas, it appears, was too boring being simply grey. so, two days ago while i was on the phone, amelia disappeared under the kitchen table and called out spots spots spots - i was talking to a mortgage broker at the time, so tried not to get distracted . . . when i got off the phone, i discovered that 'spots' referred to the fluoro orange blobs all over thomas's coat - made by a highlighter pen. amelia also had bright orange fingernails and toenails. on a daily basis i am grateful that we have such super effective cheap non-toxic cleaning and personal care products in the house, because otherwise, cleaning her up would be unbelievably costly both healthwise and financially. i love you SOLUMEL (removes permanent marker from almost anything!).

daycare has become a real adventure for her since a new male carer started work in her room. while ramasharan - the female carer - takes the kids in Thai language lessons, and yoga, and relaxation, Sean likes nothing more than getting out in the field and booting soccer and rugby balls around - which amelia ADORES. (definitely more like her mother than her father here - if she ever starts making sandsaucer gardens, then that assessment may change) she even took her own rugby ball (maroon for the state team) yesterday, and before i had signed her in, she was out in the field with Sean and two of the boys kicking and hurling and running - with her ball in play. she didn't notice as i left - to busy sprinting to retrieve a long kick. she delights in playing catch with andrew, maroon ball again, and is very good at throwing also - she may have gridiron career ahead. she certainly has the physicality and build for it . . . before we leave daycare, we have to spend at least 15 minutes running madly around the play area assigned to the bigger kids' rooms. this involves many pieces of climbing apparatus, and suspense bridges and the like. once we have helped her put her clothes back on (she invariably strips to her underwear - so homer simpson-like), she races to the adventure course and blitzes it over and over again until she is hauled off screaming to go home. of course, once we get in the car, and the fight about putting seat belts on is over (almost evvvvery time), she then happily demolishes the few remaining crumbs from her lunch box and starts planning what we will all be doing when we arrive home!

night times are fun, on many levels. there is the big catch up on what happened today, and book reading and playing with dad, random passionate cuddles to be demanded, and question after question about what is going on at any given time. this is punctuated with regular trips outside to see 'our' ringtailed possums (protected species) come home to 'bed' (every night at around the same time, they turn up - climbing up the cable TV cables to the corner of the roof above amelia's room, and then disappearing into the adjacent tree . . . this is a handy cue to remind us that it is also her bedtime, and she goes quite happily to bed, although she has an elaborate and physically demanding process of winding down. she reminds us of a puppy scratching a bed for itself by turning around and around in one spot while rucking the blankets with its feet. she doesnt quite do that, but does do headstands, rolypolys, one-legged dog yoga stands, down dog yoga stands and the like, usually turning herself to face up and down the bed at least 20 times . . . then there is the ritual of putting to bed the baby of the day - which goes on her pillow with a carefully selected blankie, and is then patted and read to. dad reads her a story or two, or she is allowed to 'read' the dragon book on kts Iphone. finally, she is left to fall asleep reading - the favorite book at the moment is 'the lion king' given to her by chelsea last time we were home for a visit. sleep happens within 10 or 20 minutes, and is punctuated by dreams and sleep talking - and some sleep walking, because she gets out of bed and into her wardrobe sometimes - altho usually is just to be found fast asleep standing at the door trying to open it. her nights are also quite active. she often wakes up and changes her clothes in the middle of the night, especially undies - looking for quite specific ones - ie 'the ones with the butterflies' at 2am! she is not waking us much tho - we just wake up in the morning finding her bedroom light on, and amelia wearing her togs in place of the clothes she wore to bed.

speaking of sleep . . . we currently have 'jeff' the wiggles figurine, and one of her koala pals (bath toy) 'sleeping' on the bottom of our shower at present. they are lying on their backs, with flannels over them as blankets. we are reminded 'shhhh, don't wake the babies' every time we get in the shower, although amelia spends much time rearranging them of a day when she has her daily ablution session. babies can be real or imaginary, with many invisible creatures being put to bed around the house - a minefield when selecting a chair or couch.

current phrases much in use are: 'you're welcome' - when anyone says thank you. she also says this to herself, once she has said thank you! 'of course you can' is her usual response to any requests we make, and again - this is also said to herself when she asks what we now realise are rhetorical questions - i.e 'can i please have some milk?' because she is getting super independent and making her own sandwhiches and pouring her own milk (supervised, and still has to ask and be told yes before proceeding - the kid needs reins!)'come on buddy' is used to encourage thomas to cooperate with her plans for him, as is 'lets GO guys' when we are going out and she considers us to be tarrying overly much. 'akshelly' and 'weally' are used as qualifiers, and the dreaded 'why' has arrived . . . altho used in conjunction with specific questions, such as 'mummy, why did you using daddy's pen?' etc. 'yeah, dat be cool' is the usual answer if we propose to read her a book or play a game, and she is very solicitous of our wellbeing - fetching blankets if we are cold, and patting anything we identify as being sore - i.e. tummies and heads and knees.

last night, andrew was standing at the kitchen table when his phone rang. he picked it up to look at the screen, checking to see the caller's identity. he made a funny face and answered: 'hello?' i was sitting on the couch watching him, so didn't notice that amelia had picked MY phone up and called him until i heard her voice saying 'oh, hullo dadda' and saw katie fall over laughing.

zumba is being promoted on a daily basis to the kids and teachers at daycare, with a good result - 4 of the carers are now regular attendees . . . excellent. the carers take photos most days, and have captured her asking other kids to dance . . . and to come to zumba with her.

we are off to see a movie at the local observatory today called 'secrets of the dragon' - it is an animated story about two kids who ride on the back of a dragon to discover the secrets of the milky way . . . its held in the actual dome, and is supposed to be very good. as i write she is standing in front of andrew saying, 'we all going to see da dwagons, all a us (all of us is too much a mouthful), holding up her fingers counting '1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, ALL A US' . . . we think she may be keen.

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