Saturday, May 1, 2010

this is the way we tidy our room . . .

the red box in these pictures is one of two that sit in amelia's wardrobe and hold her shorts/trousers/yoga pants etc.

after she decided (as is her common practice) to tip every single item in both boxes onto the floor, looking for something 'diffwent' to wear, she was asked to put everything back in the boxes and then put the boxes back in the wardrobe.

it didn't go well. a few minutes after the request was made, i went in to check and found her sitting completely still with one of the (still empty) boxes on her head as in the top photo. the second and third photos record two of the various permutations and writhing yet silent protests she then undertook in order to avoid the task.

it was on; the challenge was made and there was no backing down (on EITHER side). our stance is that she is free to tip her clothes out if it is the only way to find a specific item, but that she must then replace the items spilled. her stance was (is) quite the opposite.

so, after a few well placed smacks on a muscly little rear end later (and the usual 'death looks' that resulted), the boxes were back in order, and all were smiling once again. full torrid sunshine after a brief but stormy interlude.

as is always the case, the discipline was interrupted by bouts of uncontrollable laughter from both parents, expressed well out of the kid's sight and hearing, accompanied by both of us exchanging looks of what the heck is next . . .

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