Thursday, December 17, 2009

time for the number 4 tram

catching the tram is that much more interesting when you are ankle deep in fresh snow!

normally, amelia keeps our fellow passengers waiting at the tram stop well amused by shouting out the phrase 'number 4 tram' . . . but this time, the snow took precedence.

p.s. she is not as wide or short as the video suggests - andrew's camera phone managed to slightly distort angles and proportions. she looks kinda midgety huh?


  1. Love it! Love it! Love it! Such's such a gorgeous wee non-wide-midget-kid. So mischiefy ;-) Cuinn is beginning to display a startlingtly Amelia-like mischief look which worries me though ... I've heard stories, I've seen chaotic results ... Ah dear :-)

  2. oh dear. sounds like you two may be in deep doo doo's then. yes, mischief is the word, and always a surprising amount of ingenuity as well . . . ENJOY EVERY SECOND. and take up serious drinking to cope.