Saturday, December 19, 2009

amelia says the darndest things

the vocab is fair rocketing ahead. not all words are suitable for company of course . . . ahem.
we get woken up by a tow headed creature shuffling along the hallway in darkness (stays dark til 8am . . .! yay), pushing open our door, flicking on the light and saying: 'guys, guys, what happened last night?' (this phrase is frequently used now, with a series of different 'add-on' clauses: i.e. w.h.l.n on the table? w.h.l.n in the bath?

she has also just been introduced to the idea of women having 'babies in their tummies' . . . as a friend of ours 'the uvver one roofie' is pregnant. we told amelia over dinner that ruth had a baby in her tummy, and she immediately began asking if peter (ruth's partner), me or andrew also had babies in our tummies. ruth explained that she was the only one, and showed her the baby bump. immediately, amelia got some dolls clothes, stuffed them up her jersey, and said she had one up the spout as well. luckily not many people here speak amelia-english, because she asks if random chubby type people also have b's in their t's when we are on the tram, train, or in the supermarket. he he he, she saw a metre high father christmas doll, gazed at him wide eyed for a while before announcing that HE had a baby in HIS tummy. nice.

phrases like 'i don't KNOW mummy,' 'd'jew like a coffee?', 'i just go to work now, ok?', 'i fink so', are sprinkled liberally through her conversations, and she has a habit of saying 'what's that amelia doing?' when she is trying out something new or dodgy - she uses the same phrase about us, and other people, substituting a name or label for amelia. she will repeat the question many times regardless of how we answer, as though some internal needle has become stuck on her record like tongue. the habit of repeating things gets quickly tiresome when she is asking for things and being told no. even tho we have shown her this youtube clip a number of times, she still doesn't stop pestering us . . . dopey kid!

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