Saturday, December 19, 2009

FINALLY, we got onto youtube

if you can stand watching this to the very end, we are there on you tube.

people have their own reasons for attending such commemorations of course, ours were pretty simple.

just over 90 years ago amelia's great-great uncle was marched through menin - most likely on the road that we ourselves trod. he died of wounds in September 1918, like so very many, never making it home.

her great-great grandfather was killed in the north sea in 1918, also never returning to his home and family. we have been to the site of his memorial and will return again, because they are her family, our family. and because she, had the war not taken place and our families not been affected as they were, would never have existed.

how frail and short-lived we are. a good reason to celebrate every precious second of whatever lifetime we have.

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