Thursday, April 22, 2010

ning update

well, a week has gone and no more ning still stands. there have been some heartwrenching moments interspersed with hilarity as amelia tries out her (arguably) superb negotiation/coercion skills to get me to break. i am feeling much better, in that i am no longer being bombarded every two seconds when we are in some new environment - because amelia was relying on ning to ground her when encountering anything different. the bandaids are working, altho she keeps wanting to see them and check that i am telling the truth. apparently, if you have a bandaid on, you have something that genuinely hurts. a couple of days ago she asked me if they were still sore, did i still have bandaids on, and could she see. i replied no, i need NEW BANDAIDS because the other ones fell off. she went: 'oooh, i go get you some fesh ones. akshally, MY nings are sore. i need a bandaids too . . .'

this picture is the result . . .

the other picture we like to call 'great aunt roberta' - we reckon she is the spitting image of andrew's great aunt, and shows more than a hint of GAR's determination and attitude. we are stockpiling mood enhancing drugs, because we think they may be called for in the not too distant future when amelia gets to teenagerhood. :)

on another front, i am awaiting pictures of her newest cousin, Te Pono Kopera Peeti . . . born to Diana and Hone is Wanganui on Thursday this week. Amelia lay on the couch last night, and stuffed a yellow 'my little pony up her equally yellow singlet (one her father wore when he was 4 - her favorite), and announced, 'hey mum, look at me, i am DIANA' . . . then got us to pat the "baby" in her tummy . . .

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