Monday, April 19, 2010

piece de resistance . . .

this is kinda priceless, albeit a crappy 'from phone' photo. alexis (seen above with amelia) is one of those miracle babies from the Tauranga chapter of the Leach family. Cousins that under normal circumstances would never have existed, let alone have met. But here they are (the 3rd little girly cousin is the teeny weeny baby in the last post - aka mikayla).

alexis is a SUPER darling baby - walked amazingly early for a premmie baby, has a sunny pleasant and non-complaining nature, loves cuddles with random aunties and cousins, and didn't protest one bit when amelia took her by the hand to show her something, didn't notice that alexis had fallen over, so dragged the poor blighter down the hallway without once looking back to see why alexis was taking so darn long to follow her. alexis just smiled and gurgled, delighted to have her big cuz around!

mikayla is also super gorgeous - faced a hell of a lot of difficulties in the first few weeks of her short little life, and survived without showing the strain.

Frankie and Timmo - well done guys, the babies are amazing, and so very very precious. you are lucky sons of guns, and your girlies are GOLD :)

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