Wednesday, September 30, 2009

behind the rhino hide

an earlier post alluded to the toughness of amelia's skin. . .
well, the flip side of that becomes very evident sometimes - as in when she watches a certain scene in the 'Bee Movie' with andrew (a morning ritual - 'ning', then watching a little 'Bummel Bees with Dadda' while eating 'ice bubbles one by one from a glass bowl), where the human female protagonist carefully captures Barry the Bee in an upturned glass and sets him free outside her window. soft music plays, and the Bee and lady exchange gentle glances . . . cue: amelia flinging herself off the couch and running to me, saying 'ning, ning' - needing some loving contact after being overcome by whatever it is that she sees in the scene. simialr feelings are invoked when she and andrew read a 'little golden book' given to her recently, where one page bears the image of a train speeding through the night with all the passengers visible through the lit windows. the sight of a tiny father and baby perched lovingly on their seats in one carriage makes her come over all funny, and she either needs a huge cuddle with her dad, or - you guessed it - more NING to get her over the emotional hump.
this video is of her dancing to 'ice ice baby' - in honour of her favorite 'ice bubble snacks . . .

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