Sunday, September 13, 2009

wall to wall action. ready sghetti go!

ITS . . . time to get some photos and exciting tales out there. amelia is so busy doing new stuff and discovering new skills every day that we need to share them with the folks back home (and further abroad!). this photo was taken a wee while ago, but is entirely typical of the wee beastie. she is already a techno-geek, and will no doubt outstrip our knowledge and abilities in a very short time.

Andrew and I (a.k.a. The Keepers) will alternate the blogging, because we both see different aspects of her actions and strategies (and OH BOY are there a few of those)!

remember to add your comments to the mix whenever you can . . .

we in return will post her doings, sayings, photographs (the ones that she has taken) and all the rest!


  1. First comment, first post? BOOya!! :-) Love the bloggy goodness - especially when I lost my Bebo password :-) Kisses to you kid!

  2. you WIN goshdarn it. if we had a chocolate fish, we would award it to YOU!!!