Wednesday, September 23, 2009

lions and tigers and bears, and the 'open sea'

after a stellar performance during our flights (7.5 to singapore and then 11.5 to frankfurt), where amelia ate, drank, stood on her seat and bounced, yelling 'djumping dadda, djumping', and a warm midnight swim in the rooftop pool at changi airport with baby p'anes flying overhead every few seconds, and eating, sleeping, watching the 'sissoms' and nature docos, and running the length of the plane in fits of giggles while andrew chased and the rest of the world slept, amelia is adapting well to frankfurt - and all things european, at least the german variants of those.
we did the frankfurt zoo yesterday, where a sumatran tiger came within a few inches of her, as she stood next to the plexiglass viewing panel. it was a spectacular day, and a spectacular zoo. highlights for her included the monkeys (squirrel monkeys, galagos, bushbabies, gorillas, colobuses, tamarins and gibbons), especially if they were swinging from ropes or scratching themselves. then came the aquarium where two articulated rays (or 'the open sea' to amelia, after the song that the manta ray in finding nemo sang) put on a great show for her, the largest one swirling his magnificent self up across the glass in front of her face, where she announced that his 'eyes were shut' . . . referring to his many gills underneath . . . more to come later ce soir, with pictures!

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