Thursday, September 17, 2009

language acquisition

as you can imagine, amelia's talking is almost incessant at the moment (yes yes, we've heard ALL the family jokes imaginable), and her vocabulary has altered our own immeasurably. Here is a small, to-be-added-to list of the latest, with translations alongside:

1. Uvver one kick/s - my kicks (other leg or foot - used in dressing situations)
2. MY turn . . . humph, no explanation required
3. rrrruuuum rrrruuum dadda (can you please take me to the car so i can pretend to drive)
4. turn it ON (means turning car stereo up to full volume when rrrruuum rrrruuuum in progress)
5. fesh dappy (fresh nappy)
6. ARSE dadda, ARSE (when she wants something negotiable, we tell her she has to 'asK' the person involved. she does so thus, but hasn't conquered the K sound as yet)
7. CAKE!!!! anything chocolate
8. CHOKKIT cake (as above)
9.WED TWOUSIS (her favorite red spotted trousers that must be worn at least once a day and if all goes well, will never come off - usually demanded in a loud voice)
10. cuppy tea (referring to the tea parties that she holds with Fid - that character from Ice Age named Sid which she can't pronounce where she closes herself into a corner in her room, lays out the cuppy teas on the rocking horse, and communes with Fid)
11. daddy's sketti (andrew's pasta of any variety, a favorite meal at any time of day or night)
12. Ice Bubbles (rice bubbles)
13. mine do it (i will do it!)
14. s'boken (its broken)
15. armenia (amelia
16. uvver ones ning (breast feeding jargon for the other side)
17. vis ones funushed (when one of the above 'runs out')
18. ning ven nigh nighs (a breastfeed before i sleep)
19. michael jasson (yes, her favorite performer from before he died!)
20. wotty wotty (from the tv show the wot wots - makes her almost wet herself when they say wotty wotty and then she repeats it)
21. 'op up dadda (get out of bed dadda. usually accompanied by vertical 'hair pulling' to get his head off pillow more quickly)
22. scawe (scare - used in sentences like 'buck (bug) scawe armenia mumma')
22. kuddle kuddle (a request to save her from scarey things like emu's and kangaroos)
23. ave you funushed mumma (when she wants to clear ones plate after a meal - carrying said plate precariously to bench)
24. pay cool dadda/wasch cool dadda (play or watch 'cool' dadda - means can andrew please show her you tube videos of fighter jets taking off)
25. baby pains (little planes, at domestic terminal)
26. kinacutta (her little friend katarina)
27. baby louisa mumma dadda (her friend louisa's parents)
28. ats punny (that's funny)
29. fartie bottom (as read)
30. eeeeeeb it, eeeb it now (leave it, leave it now, usually when we try to remove red trousers)

thats all for now - but there are many more to share over the next few days. i will leave you with a couple photos from recent outings.

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