Friday, September 18, 2009

fashion sense

what does every fashion conscious girl wear to bed these days? if you are amelia, you wear your favorite red trousers, your rash vest, and your swim/sun hat with the flaps, and your big sister's high heeled work shoes. you also carry a small pink beaded handbag, in which you have stuffed a bright yellow plastic ball, and a tiny plastic toy named 'Fid' (see language post). pyjamas are, apparently, passe', and to be screamed at maniacally if they even look like they might be forced on you.
and as you go to bed, you step over the ankle deep trail of clothing that you have tried on in the last hour, especially shawts and twousis, because you are very very keen to master the 'one leg in each hole' technique your parents have taught you. the mermaid look, while causing great hilarity to the adults in the household, is, as you have discovered, darn hard to walk in, and just not that effective. of course, if you decide that daddy's undies are de rigeur, then the 'two legs in one' seems more possible, although not practicable in real life.

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  1. Oooooh ... chubby kiddly legs. I ADORE chubby kiddly legs!!