Saturday, September 26, 2009

in case you were worried . . .

that we are not educating amelia properly . . .

before she made her grand arrival, andrew and i decided not to expose her to TV, DVD's and the like until she was well over two. that was, you notice, BEFORE. shortly after said arrival we deemed it necessary to revise some, most, well - pretty much ALL of our prior decisions re the rock monster. the tv/dvd player and computer are beacons of hope in an otherwise non-stop world. she is guaranteed to sit for at least 10 minutes as a time with one of these in play, as illustrated in the photo above!

in honour of her now complete devotion to such electronic delights, we thought to run a small competition to see who can figure out some of her favorite viewing subjects. the following are quotes/snippets that she often trots out - either spoken or in song, taken from the top five . . . a large chocolate fish for the person who names all five.

1. snap out of it. YOU snap out of it, you snap out of (accompanied by gentle face slaps between and insecty thing and a human)
2. shark bait, ooh ha ha (clue: it was said in an aquarium)
3. nonny nonny kiwi (hint: a large red-clothed clown who speaks only flemish)
4. men men men men menly men, ooh hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoooooo. ah ha ... a ... aaaah. (think charley sheen)
5. wot. wot wot, wotty wotty wot wot. (clue: weta's latest kidling production)

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