Tuesday, October 6, 2009

amelia + bouncy castle + the shoreline

this is only a short clip, but the whole castle visit consisted of such short mad runs . . . the reactions of the asian tourists are typical btw. perhaps it is the tights, or the fat little legs, or the very solemn but whistle-stop conversations she has with them regarding her current activity? the second one is a quick glimpse of the glorious shoreline at Stonehaven, and of course the lovely Krystal Simpson who was amelia's adoptee of the day. we were to hear phrases like "my krysel cawwy 'melia", "my krysel hole mines hand" , "mine krysel kuddle me throughout the entire trip. you can also see malcom and dionne simpson in the 2nd clip. malcolm became mines maccum, and dionne became dinanna (and then andrew bevan was remembered as well, because he was with dinanna last time we saw her). that MEMORY!

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