Wednesday, October 7, 2009


The first should be called 'la travisparta' - and shows the window from which Amelia put on her impromptu concert - it is one of the windows in the great hall, adjacent to where the marischal and his good lady wife lived - above the kitchens with the enormous enormous ovens, and the brewery where all the beer was made - they didn't drink water, but instead ale - at breakfast, lunch, dinner and in between. No tea or coffee for the underlings either, too darned expensive. Just beer is all. And the odd nip of uiske bagh I am SURE. (I am not frowning BTW, just struggling with the extremely strong sunlight that saw Andrew and I suffering from a headache the following day . . . no wonder far-northern scots have those long rather arrow-slitty eyes!!!) If you look closely you will see that Amelia is in fact singing, while chowing down on a piece of leftover chicken from lunch - carefully wrapped in a navy blue serviette and placed handily in my han(dy)bag . . .

We call the next one, 'taking the plunge', as Amelia's Dadda stops her from plummeting off the edge of the historic ruins after climbing up helter skelter. She simply LOVED climbing up the winding staircases that ended in nothing, and back down them again . . . with a parent or Krystal in hot pursuit, and giggling fit to bust.

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