Saturday, October 10, 2009

visiting the king

on our final night in scotland, we took a long walk around the city, up to the top of the royal mile to edinburgh castle, where amelia wanted to go in through the entrance door. andrew reasoned with her that it was closed and that there was no one 'home', but she would not be persuaded . . . so, he offered to knock on the door (a little wooden one set into the drawbridge itself), and did so tapping quietly. amelia insisted he knock louder, which he did, and BOTH were very surprised when the door creaked open and two men stood there; one saying 'helloooo' in a very broad accent, and the other, a policeman, walking past her and waving while grinning broadly. apparently they had been watching A and a on cctv, and decided to give her a wee thrill.
we told her that the king himself had opened the door, and she seemed very satisfied with that.
as with dunottar castle, she loved the medieval rooflines and cobbles and antiquated nooks and crannies of edinburgh streets, along with the braw wind that blew both around us and through us as we wended our way back down from the castle.

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