Sunday, October 25, 2009

this is the part where YOU do the talking

i really have to watch my words around amelia.

recently i woke at around 5:30am, snuck out of bed to go and make coffee, and found andrew perched at the kitchen table tapping away on his computer (it was LEGENDARY that he be up, let alone AWAKE before me or the shrimp) with a coffee cup close to hand . . . i put off making my coffee, and we sat and chatted for a few minutes, before dulcet air-raid like tones erupted from the said shrimp's room. she banged her way out of bed, up the hallway and into the room, flung herself on me for ning while giving me a good whatfor-ing because she had woken up and found me gone.
i apologised, and told her that i hadn't meant to upset her, saying that her daddy and i had just been having a coffee.
she sat up abruptly at the mention of coffee, raised her eyebrows, fixing two beady little eyes on my face and giving me a look of complete disbelief, - beady eyes again - slowly scanned the table for signs of said coffee-having activities - coming briefly to a halt at the cup next to her father's hand, and sweeping the space in front of me a number of times before looking back at me with a face smothered in accusation, eyebrows raised and eyes staring right down the barrel of my own.

i fell over myself explaining that i had been GOING to have a coffee with daddy, but hadn't quite got around to making it yet, and all the while the two blue gimlets fixed me in place whilst i wriggled and squirmed much in the manner of a moth on hatpin (while struggling not to explode into amazed laughter - andrew, weak-willed thing that he is - was not so self-restrained and lost it completely)
i throw this one over to the audience (i know you're lurking, just saying nothing)
WHERE did that cynical, critical streak come from - and how the HECK does a two year old know enough to practically demand that her parents use explicit, concise and accurate language (for that matter, how come she grasps the different nuances between 'having' and 'intending to have' at her age, AND at 5:30am?)???

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