Tuesday, October 13, 2009

conversations with the midget

i won't describe the sleeping parent scenario again, because this story starts almost the same way, just a little later in the morning. in fact, it was WAKE-UP time - which for amelia means sitting bolt upright and starting her day quickly.

"mummy, DOG POO."
"what, where? dog poo where sweetie?" said the mother, climbing her way out of a deep slumber.
"dog POOOOOOO. different tails. i lub puppies." (referring to a dog who looked like thomas but with a different tail - seen 3 weeks or so ago) "red twousis dadda. and SWIM PANTS. 'melia got swim pants dadda."
"erg, snurgle, mmmm . . . you have your red pants on?" the father don't wake up too easily.
"yass. had nice seep dadda? had nice dweams too?" the midget enquires tenderly, flinging one solid thigh over the side of the cot and attempting a break-out.
"i did sweetie, thank you, di YOU have a nice sleep, and nice dreams too?" the father almost always responds promptly to such solicitous questions, emotion overcoming his urgent need to catch a few more zzzzz's.
"i geddup now dadda. watch fishies?" (The Blue Planet- the latest obsession) "and ning. ning on couch wif mumma. ning and fishies guys?" . . . .

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