Sunday, October 4, 2009

whey hey and bouncy castles

amelia is very fond of bouncy castles. you know, the big blow up jobbies that kids climb and slide and, yes, jump on. so when we arrived in Stonehaven (in aberdeenshire) yesterday, and announced that we were off to see a castle she immediately decided it was one of the bouncy variety - the only kind she knew up until yesterday!

it was a 2 1/2 mile walk, part of this across unfenced cliff paths, so we took it easy, her being carried (under sufferance) where no fences exist. andrew, the carrier, and krystal simpson, her nominated person for the day (she adopts people she meets, and then tugs them around by hand to do her bidding) were regaled with details of bouncy castles she has experienced, and all their nuances. by the time we got to the steep steps down from the cliff face, it had been established that THIS bouncy castle was a d'frent one, and that she would not have to take her shoes off for the visit. as we reached gate of the castle, having climbed UP a set of steep steps, amelia took immediately to the stoneclad buildings, running happily in and out of the powder magazine, garrison quarters, kitchens, whigs gallery (see link for history) and the rest.

up and down every stone staircase, including ones that ended abruptly where the walls had crumbled, into every nook and cranny, no matter how dark or pokey, calling us in with her. across the verdant green centre lawn, and across to the chapel and main quarters of the family - she marked the end of her visit by perching in a ruined window, overlooking the well and silver-room, eating leftover chicken coujons from lunch, and raucously singing baa baa black sheep to the people milling around below, much to their amusement. we have never sen her respond so vigorously to a building before; perhaps it was the scale, or its proximity to her self-named 'big sea', the many rabbits we saw en-route, or the labyrinthine nature of the place, but it was a source of great delight to her, and thus to us, and the other visitors who experienced much hilarity seeing the little blighter enjoy herself so very much.

she even got to bounce, bless her cotton socks. she shot into a stable with andrew, dark and airless as it was, and gaily held his hand while she bounced to her heart's content on the hard granite floor. the trip home across the cliffs was followed by a few packets of crisps and some good old single malt whisky at an inn established in 1771, although she got limited to water!

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