Friday, November 13, 2009

if nothing else, ACCESSORISE!!!

said bag

said shoes

toilet training reached a certain crescendo this week, going from 'tappies' all day and night, to frantic calls of 'my poo, my poo' and a little rear end being clutched as it runs to the toilet, followed by 'YAAAAAAAAAAAAY, my pooooooo' when said deed is done. (this after a brief but misleading period of toilet usage, which turned out to be merely a series of experiments about the places in the house or outside that one could go to 'make' things appear). now though, it is all over bar the shouting, which will continue full tilt and unabated! however, we have discovered that a girl must be porting, as in every situation, the correct and appropriate accessories . . . these, subject to change, include (at this moment in time):

1. your 'poo shoes' - this case purple crocs
2. your dolls pram, pushed up to the pedestal base so you can rest said 'poo shoes' upon it

3. 'poo music' - brahms lullabies played on mum's laptop
4. 'poo photos' - photos of your older sisters as infants and toddlers perched on toilet and potty
5 your green bag shaped just like a frog

it is also appropriate and necessary to go thru one by one, and painstakingly, a litany of names of all the people and animals, that one knows, saying of each one that they too perform certain ablutional acts . . . (sorry folks, you are ALL implicated, no-one gets excluded), and for the parents (present at every performance, although sometimes being banished into the hallway with a preemptory and stentorian 'go away, shut door, light off!, so that the tiddler is left alone, and in the dark, perched atop the large white porcelain object) to repeat the litany (actually, it is more in the line of a rosary now i come to think of it), and agree vigorously both by word and action, and to applaud when it is all over.


  1. congratulations Amelia - you look so much like your sister Chelsea in her toilet photo! I hope that you have Poo Bear's name in your toilet litany?

    It's nice to do a poo a day
    And then you flush it all away
    If Pooh would write a small refrain
    he'd ask the question once again
    Where does the pooh go when you flush
    It disappears in one great rush
    But, then, who cares, asks Pooh and smiles
    For all we know it travels miles
    and that's fine by me we hear him say
    as long as I do one every day...

  2. Chelsea Sarah wrote us a lovely card and we received it today - a thank you card...

  3. adorable stories from our FirePig...
    Have you heard the news....I'ts a boy!

  4. I've tried to SKYPE you and will keep trying...talking about trying, our computer is veeerrrryy slooowwww....

  5. we love you all heaps...specially the little FirePig...