Sunday, November 1, 2009

updated vocab

as can be expected, the midget's vocab is increasing every day, and with it some hilarious word combos that should not be missed . . .
1. mine's wake up/amelia's wake up/my's wake up morning - we hear one of these, or a combo, coming from her room every morning
2. mine's here my room/amelia's here my house- if we don't respond to the 'wake up' announcements fast enough
3. ABC KIDS - YAAAAAAAAAY - shouted out with two raised fists pumping in the air as she runs down the passageway to watch breakfast TV
4. i tex't katie now - as she picks up phone to text - yes - katie the big sister!
5. i'ma wake up soon/i'ma still wake up - when dad wants a cuddle and she's not quite ready for such things - incidentally, he says pretty much the same thing to her when she is bouncing on his stomach trying to get him out of bed in the morning . . . . .
6. i'm hungry yet/i am eat sandwich/my's tiny teddies/mines have ice-cream/mines have peanut butter/more meat/more cheese/mines not finish yet - all used to get extra food coming her way - a relatively new development-as she has been a picky eater for a few months, now andrew struggles to keep up with her. we think she is channeling uncle alex leach, or her dad when he was 19 or so!

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