Tuesday, November 17, 2009

sight of the week

we have introduced amelia to a wind-down stage before sleeping where she gets to read, or play a little, in her bed before we turn the light off. we check on her every few minutes (as she well knows, because she holds up one hand with fingers outspread as we leave the room, saying 'FIVE minutes'). this is 'her' time - as long as she stays in her room and is reasonably quiet, we don't mind what she does. sometimes she sits at the office desk in her room playing with a little yellow plane and a set of blocks. other times she reads to her bunny rabbit and koala, yet others, the babies are 'put to bed' and 'fed' while she pats them and sings. it makes for a quiet night's sleep anda fairly painless 'lights off' operation.

last night she opted to wind-down in our bed. i went to check on her, saw that she had taken off her pyjamas and was instead wearing something in a dark fabric, which she was busy patting into place around the bulge of her night-time nappy - i walked a little closer to the bed to find that she had knicked a pair of andrew's undies and donned them, hiking them up around her waist. i can't describe the look on her face- priceless.

i sent andrew off to look, and he too snorted and doubled over at the sight, coming out to the sitting room with tears of laughter in his eyes, saying 'this one's not for the blog.' my response was pretty well 'au contraire, but it IS' - although by the time he had pulled himself together and went back for a photo, she had stripped off the offending item and put it back in his drawer.

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