Saturday, November 14, 2009

a very important little peron in amelia's life

amelia talks about thomas a lot. she misses him not in a melancholy or sad manner, but just in a matter of fact 'i would like to see him now' kind of way. the poor little bugger has been very very ill, literally at death's door, first with a paralysis tick that saw him end up on a respirator, and then ANOTHER one two days after he went home, with more paralysis. he now has a corneal ulcer and it looks like he will possibly lose an eye. we told amelia that he was sick, and that katie had taken him to the hospital, and she was okay with that - having had a little experience with medical treatment herself . . . (post and photos to follow). however, it was not immediately clear that he would recover, and he was on the verge of heart failure - which of course we did not discuss with amelia. however, that night, she got out of bed at 4am and came into our room, something that she never does, and asked for a cuddle and ning. soon after that, she sat up in bed, and patted the duvet heartily, calling 'thomas, THOMAS, come on up here. come on puppy, come here.' all we can figure is that she picked up on my anxiety re thomas, although unspoken in front of her, and it was weighing on her mind. it was a very sweet, and deeply touching moment for us all.

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