Monday, November 16, 2009

in which amelia gets back to her roots, and LOVES it

'more pipes, more PIPES dad' . . . amelia's response to the remembrance day commemorations at the menin gate ieper on November 11th . . . 'drums, DRUMS, DRUMS . . .' in fact, the drums left such a vivid impression that last night she lay in bed making the noise that drums make when first starting up a march. we didn't actually film anything ourselves, but look for my red hat and snippets of amelia's pink and grey hat in this . . . the piper was around 7 foot tall and very impressive!

she laughed out loud when the poppies poured through the 3 occuli at the end of the commemoration, and tried catching them as they fell managing to grab a good handful for herself.

you can see her hat again here as she dances to 'it's a long way to tipperary' with the belgian lady standing alongside of us. in fact this video ends on her hat! apparently all she needs is a good bit of drum and pipe action and she is fit to go!!!

throughout the more quiet moments, including the 2 minute silence, she was remarkably restrained - NO DRUGS INVOLVED EITHER! - so our neighbours on either side congratulated me on my delightfully quiet and well-trained daughter - who if they had only known was using her technique for visiting 'bouncy castles' (aka gothic and medieval churches), where she whispers and talks sotto voce with a knowing little finger held gently alongside her turned up harvie honker.

what she didn't notice, as i and most other people did was this; the face of modern warfare, confronting and visible, and sobering if you consider the millions of suchlike young men maimed or killed during WW1, and that sights such as this were all too common all across the Empire and Europe for years afterwards. not to mention the 58,000 without a known grave whose names are engraved on the menin gate (the large marble edifice in which the commemorations take place).

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