Saturday, November 7, 2009

this bunny belongs to . . .

amelia LOVES, as most two year olds do, being read to . . . and is at that gorgeous stage where she knows all the words to the favorite books, and will finish phrases and sentences, usually shouting these out with her usual irrepressible vigour.

the books de semaine are '7 little postmen' - a little golden book, and 'this rabbit belong to emily brown' - the said rabbit's name being stanley.

following the pattern of ALL bad parents who laugh at their children while maintaining straight face s(including our own, evil reprobates that they are, laughing at us like that, as if we don't know!!!), we find it hard to contain ourselves when we reach the part in the book where emily brown, determined to keep her rabbit out of the clutches of the rotten queen gloriana, who wants a REAL toy of her own, and has decided THAT rabbit is the one, says very VERY firmly: "his name is not bunnywunny, it's STANLEY," but amelia BELLOWS: "his name not bunny wabbit, it's STAN-WEEEEEEE . . ."


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